This is my response to this article, Sexy Female Training, shared on the club's Facebook page by one of our many strong women!


After I read this  someone asked me what it was about. I replied-"Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson".  What?  "Oh and more evidence of how women's  bodies have been and continue to be and may always be politicized and scrutinized and criticized and sexualized  by the media, and men, and even by women themselves." Boring.

There's also that distortion of reality between what women want, what is actually healthy, not healthy, our perception of fitness and health and happiness. Yuck.

So this guy wants to share his experience as a trainer, stating that he knows exactly what woman want, what they want to look like,  and through his experience and career , he is absolutely sure of this: Women want to look like Brittany Spears (BS forever more here) and Jessica Simpson. Hands down with no doubt and don’t pretend they (or you) do not. Okay. He says that women want to have an athletic look, but not necessarily  be athletic (heaven forbid) Okay. He says we trainers should give them what they want and here’s how to eat and how to train how to look like BS or Jessica Simpson.

First I have to acknowledge that this is his experience and that this article has a  very specific purpose and a very specific audience--How to train women to look like the skinny waist-ed BS.  He interestingly uses all the trigger "key words" that women love to hear--lose fat, get lean, have athletic look—and not build big muscle—which puts most women in that "oh my god but I want my pants to fit" panic alert mode. It’s his experience—he has had lots of woman come to him that want this, and there are women in the world that want this and he gets paid to get them this and that’s totally cool man!


This is not my experience at all. In all of my 20 yrs experience, not one woman has ever said  to me that they want to look like the skinny waist-ed BS. (however I have had a couple men express this). Maybe it's because of who I am for and in the "fitness" world.  I happen to be a woman, an athlete, a strength coach. And I am not petite at and never was (until I found myself on a professional basketball team!) And in the beginning of my career I struggled to fit in as a big, strong girl among all the small, petite girl trainers.

 I do have experience as a little girl and growing up into a women-wanting to look like someone else.  It may be more insightful to look at why women want to look a certain way? Fro me, I couldn't tell you exactly why. Was it TV? Movies? My mom my dad my 1st grade crush? Whatever it was I have a long history of not liking my body.  I have some clues that all of these play their part in shaping how I saw "me"but what about "me" or is it appropriate to consider my genetics? Is it a mistake to look back and notice that over my entire  lifetime, uh...hmm..well ....I have always had these tree trunk legs (thank you for the phrase grandma!) . Keeping in mind I have had no major event  marking a dramatic increase or decrease in my weight or drastic change in body composition--like gaining  or losing a lot of weight, major illness, pregnancy, injury. i think it is a mistake not to look at the real world evidence. Hell Is it even possible for me or  some women to like BS? I mean all we have to do is take a snap shot sample of junior high. The girls body types ran the gamut—sure there were a few BS's in the making here and there-but what about the bean poles, the apples, the top heavies, the trunk junkies? It may be easy for me to build a big ass and legs but take much more work and drastic measures for a woman with a different body type. Even taking out the obesity issue—the “”fat”girls today are not the same fat girls of of the 70’s 80’s. Is curvy today the same curvy of back in the day? Is this really about women and what they really want?  I know it's possible--we've all seen some very drastic body transformations. But what is the cost? We're not all movie stars or pop stars. And why didn't this guy include pictures of the women he is making into BS?

As an athlete all my life I also have to point out that most female athletes did not look like BS. And I saw athletes at elite levels, many different sports.

I would much rather make me into the best me possible. And help women look and feel like the best them possible.  Your best you.

Well a lot of this guy's plan is very good—science based and right on. But…he dismisses spot reduction, which it true, pointing directly at the abdominals. It is true--women always want to do freaking abs. But women aren't the only ones who think wrongly that they can reduce fat in an area by isolating it.  He contradicts his spot reduction dis by saying only work VL, glutes, and shoulders, so woman don't get big in areas they don't want to get big in. What? Again, he does acknowledge the program is not for performance—just looks. Okay. So this is a way to get curvy. I think it's crap. And he may not know much about how "the waist" really works. And what's really wrong with thick BS? She looks stronger for sure! He goes on to say that this article is  not about nutrition. Cool, but I think nutrition is more important than the gym stuff when it comes to women training for a beautiful body. Period. Especially that tricky waist area.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t want big thighs, cool. Take a look at yourself during the course of your life and ask yourself --hmm, have my thighs always been this way?  Yes or no? This is real evidence of  your body's capacity to change, and a clue as to where to start your transformation. Sometimes it's just a matter of accepting yourself. For me, I found that I would much rather make me into the best me possible.  By my own standard along with some education and re-framing of other "standards." I can also help other women become the best them possible. That's it-your best you.  I know this BS training and it works for some. But I’d much rather build female athletic prowess. It's sexier and much more useful come apocalypse time.

And here's a picture of my ass (oh and small waist and tree trunk legs).  Actually, I really love trees!