We had the opportunity to be a part of one of the best kettlebell events this year so far! The West Coast Classic, IUKL Championships at the Ice Chamber Athletic Training Center in Richmond, CA.  Feb 8th, 2014.  Here's a run down of some results!

Mariela Villaverde participated in her first ever competition in 12kg Biathon. She is already a legend in the club for deadlifting more then twice her bodyweight!  She has been training with the 10kg and 12kg bell for months and the work paid off in the way of a personal best. 12kg Biathlon, Jerks-111 reps, Snatch-121 reps, Total-232, Earned Rank 2 IUKL/AKA.

Lisa Hensz is not a new comer to kettlebell sport, having already received CMS(Candidate for Master of Sport) ranks in RGSI and WKC in LongCycle! For this event she decided to kill the 16kg LongCycle. 16kg LongCycle-121 reps, Earned Rank 1 IUKL/AKA.

Coach Joyce Luke also enjoyed a personal best in Biathlon after being short for CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport)  numbers at the WKC Championships last year. She reached the goal of CMS for IUKL! 20kg Biathlon, Jerks-157, Snatch-147, Total-304, Earned Rank CMS IUKL/AKA.

Chris Collins also achieved a personal best in LongCycle, challenging the 28kg bells! He was just 3 reps short of his target goal-60 reps. Chris  also holds Rank 1 Biathlon IUKL/AKA and Rank1 Biathlon WKC!  28kg LongCycle-57 reps

Luke's Barbell Club Jerk Relay team came in first place in the amateur race!

We also got to hang with and watch 11x World Champion from Russia, Anton Anasenko, who matched his competition record in Long Cycle with 80 points.

And Melissa Swanson became the first woman in the world to earn Master of Sport in 24kg Snatch, 24kg Biathlon, and 24kg Long Cycle.

Thank you Maya and Steven, the entire Ice Chamber team and community, and all the incredibly inspiring athletes who shared their love, sweat, and smiles!