Luke's Barbell Club is a private gym. Membership is by referral and invitation only. Anyone can contact the club for a consultation and walk ins are welcome anytime. Traveling and experienced lifters can contact the Club to drop in for training. Anyone seeking  to learn how to use barbells to get stronger.  For beginning lifters and experienced lifters.

Luke's Barbell Club is not a personal training studio.

There are no boot camps or group "exercise" classes. Why? we value time and quality is our number one concern when it comes to barbell training.  

Training  is physical activity in the form of a properly designed program  (stress) elicited to produce the specific long term result of strength (adaptation). Exercise is physical activity  done for the effects it may give you for that day, with no specific result other than that day. 

What is a coach? A Coach provides a clear understanding of correct movement through the use of  principles  applied to movement models. Coaching is customized for the individual. A Coach provides real time feedback on your movement to fix any issues and can utilize a full toolbox of interventions based on knowledge, application, and  experience. 

Stress Recovery Adaptation. Training has a purpose- to get a results--and is all about your ability to recover and adapt.  The Club has built in support you in the variables you can control-the quality and quantity of your sleep and food.