Sabrina Reddington, LMT.  With a combination of Active Release Techniques and Massage Therapy, she is able to customize a session to meet each individual’s needs. She has had the privilege to provide massage in Austin, Texas for 11 years. Her goal is to help others successfully pursue their goals for wellness.

Her continuing additional education in Sports Massage and Stretching was prompted by her desire to work with athletes. This has allowed her to help correct and maintain her client’s agility and longevity in their chosen sport. 

Certified in Active Release Technique (ART) Upper Extremity in May of 2011 and Active Release Technique (ART) Lower Extremity in May 2013 Sabrina enjoys using ART and massage therapy to treat varying types of clients and issues and welcomes new clients.

Sabrina has great compassion for mothers-to-be and considers it a very important part of the pregnancy experience. Pre and post-natal massage concentrates on the special needs of the pregnant mother by addressing; structural changes to the hips, low back pain, hormone shifts, self image, as well as other joint and muscle aches.