Texas Kettlebell Academy

American Kettlebell Alliance

Founded in 2012 The AKA is a USA Nonprofit Organization that aims to develop the Kettlebell Sport in the United States with the objevtive of strengthening friendship between nations and building strong global cooperation in sport, the AKA is a leading organization for Kettlebell athletes of all ages. The AKA is the exclusive USA representative of IUKL (International Union of Kettlebell Lifting). 

Kettlebell Sport is the traditional Russian sport of kettlebell lifting that includes Biathlon (Jerk and Snatch) and LongCycle for men, and Snatch for women. Men compete with 2 kettlebells for Jerks and LongCycle.  In the US woman train and compete in Biathlon (Jerk and Snatch) and LongCycle as well. Each lift is done for 10 minutes with one hand switch. Coach Luke and the team are AKA/IUKL. Anyone can participate in Kettlebell Sport and it's a great way to become mentally and physically strong! The club hosts 3 competitions a year.


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